About the Brandt Foundation

John and Orah Brandt
John H. and Orah I. Brandt

John Brandt and his wife Orah were community leaders in Nampa throughout their lives, actively supporting private and public education and other community endeavors with both financial contributions and commitment of their time. John Brandt farmed, taught school, developed a thriving real estate business, worked to bring businesses to Nampa, and, with his wife, pursued many philanthropic projects.

Orah married John in 1931, and they shared 51 years together, raising three children. Also a teacher, Orah organized a group of ladies who canned and served food to provide free lunches in the schools. Like John, Orah was honored throughout her life for her community involvement.

Both John and Orah had an abiding belief in the value and virtue of free enterprise, and they established the John H. and Orah I. Brandt Foundation to support those values in perpetuity.

Trustees of the Brandt Foundation:

Don Brandt—Chairman of the Brandt Foundation board of trustees; son of John and Orah Brandt and President of the Brandt Agency, Nampa.

Lawerance Gray—Long-time Nampa farmer, active in many community organizations.

J.R. Schiller—Attorney and District and State Court Judge for many years.

Robert Rathbone—Retired registered investment advisor, Boise

Don Anderson—CFO, Boise automobile dealership

Jerry Hess (Emeritus Member)—Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, College of Western Idaho; and President and CEO, J.M. Hess Construction.

Manager of Brandt Foundation Lecture Series:

D. Allen Dalton-Adjunct faculty in the Boise State Economics Department. Dalton took over organization of the Brandt Lecture series in Spring 2016. He is a graduate of Boise State University and attended graduate school at Virginia Tech and George Mason University. Prior to teaching at Boise State, he taught at Arizona State University. Dalton has been on the faculty at Boise State, off and on, since Fall 1982. He is the co-author, with fellow Boise State economists Geoff Black and Samia Islam of “The Coasean Framework of the New York City Watershed Agreement.”

Contact: allendalton@boisestate.edu or (208) 426-3351.