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Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence

Welcome to the Boise State University Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBREs). These centers are important and stable funding sources for biomedical researchers at Boise State and in the region that are phenomenal boons to research growth. These centers help biomedical research personnel, and advance funding and infrastructure growth in places like Idaho that historically obtain lower levels of research funding than other states. Each launched with over $10M over 5 years towards capacity building, and have the potential to offer up to another 10 years of funding provided successful outcomes.  

Our IDeA Programs Office (formerly the Center of Excellence in Biomedical Research) is the administrative hub for these centers and can offer additional details about COBRE, state and regional biomedical networks, and local administrative support services such as program management, reporting, accounting, data analysis, purchasing, and billing.

For general information regarding the COBRE Programs, please contact the IDeA Programs Office at:

Phone: (208) 426-2238
Fax: (208) 426-2237