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Message from Provost and Vice President of Student Affairs

Submitted By Tony Roark, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Leslie Webb, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Greetings parents,

I’m Tony Roark, the Provost at Boise State. I came to the university as a faculty member in 2000 and have truly enjoyed being part of the institution’s evolution since that time. So much has changed in the classroom (and in the world) since then, but it is still the relationships that I develop with students that inspires me as a leader and keeps me grounded in the work of the university.

And I’m Leslie Webb, the VPSAEM. I have been a member of the Boise State family for almost ten years. I love where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. It’s an exciting time for many reasons, but the best part of my job is supporting students as they contribute, in meaningful and lasting ways, to the fabric of this great university. Students are active, involved, and insightful. They are fully invested in our continued upward trajectory.

By now your student has been in classes for about three months. It’s likely that their days and weeks are becoming more routine as life on campus begins to feel more normal and familiar. At the same time, their courses are becoming a bit more challenging, they might have experienced homesickness and the fatigue of the semester is probably beginning to set in. Whether they know it or not, they would probably appreciate an added layer of love, support, and encouragement from their parents and families as they continue to adapt to this new chapter in their life. Ask them questions frequently, and be prepared to listen as they talk about their hopes, fears, triumphs, and mis-steps.

We know this adjustment period is both exciting and challenging. Every student will chart their own unique path through college, and we recognize there is no single right way for them to do it. However, we remain concerned for those who have not yet made a connection with a professor or staff member or who have not yet built a supportive community of peers through a student organization, a residence hall floor, a campus job, or a group of friends. We hope you will encourage them to connect and to be an active and participating member of the Bronco community. We know from experience…they will be glad they did.

We are so glad to have you and your students as members of the Bronco family. Just like you, we’re invested in your student’s success. We look forward to forging a great partnership with you that we believe will result in a Boise State University graduate who is prepared to make a difference in the world.