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You Are How You Eat

Submitted By MarLee Harris, MPH, RDN, LD

We often hear the adage, “You are what you eat.” Whether it is preventing the flu, fueling the brain for a calculus exam, or staying energized during an intramural basketball game, what we eat impacts what we are able to do. Too often, we focus on the “what” of eating and overlook the “how.” Research points to the benefits of considering how we approach our plate, not just what’s on it. People who eat with others, try new foods, and feel relaxed about food generally have better health.1 As part of BroncoFit, Boise State’s initiative to become the healthiest learning environment in the nation, we are taking steps to use nourishing, tasty food to foster wellness across campus. Here are a few fun campaigns students can get involved with to nourish their whole selves.

Family Tables: Students can slow down and catch up with friends over a meal in the dining hall, in their apartment, or at a favorite restaurant. On Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. in South Fork Market we offer BroncoFamily Table for students to come and eat a family-style meal.

Snack Stands: Quick, yummy snacks at pop-up stands across campus provide a place where students can learn fresh ideas for staying fueled for academic success from the moment the morning alarm goes off through to the midnight snack.

Campus Garden: If your student digs fresh fruits and vegetables or wants to understand the environmental side of food production, a new campus garden is in the works. Coming Fall 2019 we will offer a one-credit gardening class.

Beyond Comparison: How your student feels about their body impacts the way they take care of them. From Mirrorless Monday to Filter-free Friday, we promote emotional wellness through activities highlighting the power of appreciating and caring for our bodies.

Cooking Essentials: Your student can experience the joy of planning and preparing a meal. Each semester we offer one credit cooking classes teaching students how to plan and prepare balanced, budget-friendly meals. Learning a few techniques in the kitchen can help save dollars at the grocery store.

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