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Get Ready to Answer the Call

Each Sunday through Thursday evening, 40 student callers and four student supervisors work together to make over 300,000 calls during the academic year. Students call alumni, parents and friends to update contact information, give updates about campus enhancements and activities and offer them an opportunity to support an area of campus they are passionate about.

With the start of spring semester, Boise State’s Phonathon is geared up and ready to begin calling. The Phonathon is an integral part of the annual giving program at the university, bringing in more than $1 million in support for areas all over campus during the past five years.

The Phonathon is also a great on-campus job for current students, allowing them the opportunity to connect with alumni and other supporters and share their own experience as a student. Phonathon callers develop communication skills, gain valuable experience and confidence. Plus, the hours work well around class schedules and can provide flexible schedules for callers. If your student is interested in learning more about working at Phonathon, please contact Connor Tudbury at or (208)-426-2040.

Phonathon callers will be contacting parents of current students very soon. When your call comes, please take the time to answer, we’d love to chat!