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Summer Sessions

Submitted by Regina Jenkins, Director, Summer Sessions

Summer Registration Begins Feb. 19

Even though there is still snow on the mountains (and occasionally on campus) your student can begin registering for Boise State summer courses on February 19.

Summer classes can help your student graduate faster, pursue a minor, or take a more manageable course load during the academic year. In fact, 77% of last year’s graduating Boise State students took summer classes during their time here. Last summer, more than 9,000 students took summer classes, and more than half of those classes were taken online.

New for 2019: Summer Reduced Tuition Rates
(tuition reduced for regular fee programs/classes)

Idaho Residents: $280 per credit
Non-Residents: $315 per credit

Idaho Residents: $355 per credit
Non-Residents: $390 per credit

Flexible Options

In summer 2019 we’re offering more flexible options than ever before:

  • More than 400 online classes available!
  • More than 800 class offerings total, allowing your student to earn credits and still have time for family vacation, work, and relaxation.
  • Sessions range in length for maximum flexibility, including 3-week, 5-week, 7-week, 10-week and 14-week sessions, and with different start dates.
  • On-campus housing is available so your student can earn credits and enjoy all the non-academic summer fun Boise has to offer.
  • Summer students enrolled in at least 6 credits get free membership to the REC center.

Summer Sessions Schedule

Summer schedule

Other Perks?

Summer classes are typically smaller than spring and fall classes, allowing more informal interactions in a relaxed environment between your student and faculty members.

Our summer students say it best:

There’s a more casual, laid back feeling in the summertime

I loved my three-week class. It was intense, but meeting every day was an opportunity to really immerse myself in the content.

My online professor was really helpful while I was in Thailand!

Financial aid may also be available for your student. Learn more on the Summer Financial Aid page. Learn more at Contact Regina Jenkins at (208) 426-3295 or