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Caring for Our Community

Dear colleagues and students,

The last year has been a time of social, political, economic and, often, personal turmoil. As we awaited the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, many people in our community felt on edge for a variety of reasons. In what has been a complex, exhausting and emotional period for many, we continue to grapple with shared problems and challenges. Moving forward, we have an opportunity to work as a community together. We encourage you to approach one another with compassion and care.

Boise State University is a place where truly difficult questions facing society and humanity are discussed, along with the ways we respond to them. We are committed to providing an environment in which deep and broad conversations can take place, as well as one in which many voices, responses, thoughts, and analyses can be heard, and in which people treat one another with mutual respect.

People may be experiencing a full range of emotions at this time. Whatever you’re experiencing, we have resources available to support you, including Counseling or Health Services in the Norco Building or at (208) 426-1459. Students also may also reach out to the Dean of Students Office at (208) 426-1527.

Dr. Marlene Tromp