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IDoTeach: Combining STEM and Education for Versatility in Future Jobs

Did you know that STEM majors at Boise State have the option to add on a Secondary Education Emphasis to their degree? IDoTeach, Boise State’s Secondary STEM Education program, works with your STEM coursework to help you graduate with both your degree and certification to teach your subject in Idaho! The program is designed to not take any longer than your existing degree timeline, and it’s a great way to hone your STEM skills and improve communication and understanding in your field. And, while teaching is a rewarding and highly in-demand career path in Idaho (especially in STEM), IDoTeach is a great resume builder that sets you apart.

If you’ve ever thought about teaching, we encourage you to sign up for STEM-ED 101. This 1-credit course is open to all majors and is a fun, unique opportunity to get real world teaching experience right away. You’ll work with other students to teach two guest lessons for elementary school students throughout the semester. The feedback is in! Students love this course, regardless of their major or whether they choose to stick with teaching.

For more information, come visit us on the 4th floor of the Education building or visit We hope to see you in STEM-ED 101!