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Parent & Family Association

Welcome to the Bronco Family. You want the best for your student, and being a part of the Parent & Family Association gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other Bronco Families to support student learning, development, and success.

If your student listed you as a primary contact on their admission application to Boise State, then you’re already a member of the Parent & Family Association. Hooray! You don’t need to do anything else but enjoy the membership benefits.

If you are a grandparent, sibling, spouse, partner, or a parent who was not listed or incorrectly listed on your student’s application, then you can still join.

Join the association here

Membership benefits

  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Special event information
  • Connections to other families
  • Connections to campus professionals
  • Subscription to the Bronco Families Newsletter
Stay connected to Boise State during your student's first semester!

Join Our Virtual Family Zoom Series

During your student’s fall semester, we’ll host one Zoom event to support your student’s ongoing transition to Boise State and provide you a space to get your questions answered.

Bronco Families Newsletter

Association members receive an email newsletter specifically for parents and family members several times during the academic year. The newsletters contain information about upcoming events, changes in the university, advice from families, resource information, and personal stories from students and families.

Bronco Parent & Family Council

The Bronco Parent & Family Council is the voice of the Parent & Family Association. They advocate for students, parents, and family members.

Learn more about the Bronco Parent & Family Council