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360° Video

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News anchors waiting for cue from the teleprompter in the 360 studio

360° video is a new and immersive way to view created video live events. However, special considerations must be taken into account to make 360° video engaging in the same way that traditional multi-camera angle videos is known for.  University Television Productions is highly engaged in designing productions that are suitable for viewers to consume in the 360° format.  The most recent innovation UTP has come to is a specially designed 360° studio which places talent equidistance, on four different stages, to a central 360° camera so a viewer can view each of the “on-air” talent from the same distance.

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Various activities and instruction in the 360 studio


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360° Content

UTP shows that were simultaneously recorded with a 360° camera(Ricoh Theta V):

Take One: Episode 2

Down to the Wire with Cole Young: Episode 5