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3D Li-ion Batteries through Advanced Manufacturing

Faculty Member: Claire Xiong

Increasing demands in energy storage systems for enhanced energy and power are driving innovative research in the design of material systems and devices for sustainable-energy applications. Although Li-ion batteries (LIB) are the leading technology and major power source for portable electronics; however, they fall short of meeting the demands for sustainable-energy applications, such as electric vehicles and storage for renewable energy. In response to this need, we will utilize advanced manufacturing approaches to fabricate three-dimensional LIBs. Compared to conventional two-dimensional batteries, 3D batteries have the potential to maximize both energy and power densities through nanoarchitecturing, which effectively reduces the ionic and electronic diffusion lengths. We will focus on developing a manufacturing process that is capable of fabricating 3D LIB to maximize both volumetric energy and power densities while maintaining mechanical strength for stable cyclic performance. Nanoscale electrode materials such as Mxenes will be investigated for advanced manufacturing of the 3D battery.

Student Research Experience: In this project, the participants will collaborate with staff scientists at the Energy Storage & Advanced Transportation Department in INL. They will synthesize electrode materials as well as fabricate the 3D battery using advanced manufacturing approaches. The electrode materials will be characterized via scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and X-ray diffractometry; and they will be tested electrochemically in half-cells to evaluate their performance.