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Kyle Holloway Accepted Into the McNair Scholars Program

Kyle Halloway

Congratulations to Kyle Holloway for acceptance into the McNair Scholars Program at Boise State University. Holloway is an undergraduate research working with Brian Jaques, Assistant Professor and Nuclear Energy Focus Lead and CAES Fellow in the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering.

“I am very proud of Kyle for his hard work and determination that has been recognized by the McNair Scholars Program. Kyle works in my Advanced Materials Laboratory here at BSU where he is researching the effects of additive manufacturing processes on components for the Transformational Challenge Reactor program. Kyle is an ambitious student who will certainly benefit from this opportunity, which will allow him to pursue his dream of attending graduate school in engineering.” – Brian Jaques, Ph.D.

The McNair Scholars Program is an academic achievement and graduate school preparatory program for undergraduate students who are first generation, limited-income and/or underrepresented in graduate programs. The program is two years and includes a $2,500 stipend for research over the Summer of 2023. The program pays for all application fees for graduate programs, covers the cost of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), and provides travel stipends for campus visits. The program also covers the transcript fees from Boise State University.

“In the two years, I will be learning how to write proposals and learn how to apply for fellowships. The program allows students to conduct research in their respective fields and provides mentoring for conducting research. McNair also opens the door to a few scholarships like the NSF and Goldwater fellowships. McNair gives me the opportunity to improve my CV and gives me a chance to build a competitive application to graduate school. The McNair program will provide me with research experience and prepare me for graduate school which will help me pursue my dream of attaining a Ph.D. My end goal is to pursue a career in academia and become a professor to teach the knowledge I learned in my field of study to future generations.” – Kyle Holloway