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Automatic Tool Changing Mechanism for Industrial Robotics Arms

Faculty Member: Taher Deemyad

Using robots and automation in industries and agriculture had an incredible demand in recent years specifically in industrial countries. One of the serious challenges in the science of robotics is related to the dependency of robots on humans. One of the reasons is the weakness of robots in automatically changing the tools during a complex project. In most robotic arms, tools (robot’s end-effector) are screwed to the end of the robotic arm. Therefore, each robot based on the attached end-effector is only designed to do a specific task and if we need it for multiple tasks, an operator needs to pause the system and change the robot’s end-effector manually for another task. In this project, I plan to design an automatic changing tool for robotics arms that give the robot ability to non-stop working on multiple tasks. The results of this research would be a big jump in designing fully autonomous robots.

Student Research Experience:

This project includes the most advanced technologies in the field of robotics including working with the most advanced industrial robots, robots’ programming, mechanism design, electronic circuits analysis, and working advanced software in the field (RobotStudio, SolidWorks, MATLAB, ROS, Python, etc.). This would be a great opportunity for undergraduate students to be familiar with these technics during this project and become ready for their next step (related industry jobs or higher level of education). Also, the participant students in this project will receive the SMART certificate from ABB robotic company at the end of the program.