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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to use the Campus Food Pantry?

The Pantry is free to all currently-enrolled Boise State University students. Students can access the Pantry by bringing their Bronco ID card to access the Campus School building, and check-in on the Pantry iPad.

Are there any limits?

There is no limit to what a student can take from the Pantry or how often they can access it. The Pantry is here to serve YOU!

What is available at the Campus Food Pantry?

The Pantry offers free, nourishing meal and snack options, as well as hygiene products. Items students can expect are: refrigerated items, fresh produce, bread, snack items, breakfast staples, canned foods, dinner staples and a variety of hygiene products.

When can I expect a certain product?

We know how important it is for students to be able to plan their meals, so our team tries to be as transparent as possible about our deliveries. Our product delivery schedule is available to the public on our Instagram page (@ CampusFoodPantry), as well as in the Pantry on our resource corkboard.

How many students use the Campus Food Pantry?

Since the Fall of 2021, the Pantry has averaged approximately 1,400 student visits per month!

What are your most-needed items?

Snacks and grab-n-go items are our most popular! These include, but are not limited to apples, granola bars, crackers, chips, premade sandwiches/wraps, and microwaveable meals. Other highly requested items can be found on our Donations page.

Can I donate freshly harvested produce from my garden?
Yes! We accept fresh produce of any variety. Please schedule a donation drop-off appointment here, so that our staff is prepared to receive your donation.

How can I get involved?

Community involvement is such an important part of our daily work. Those that are interested can participate in a variety of ways.