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Cynthia Curl Discusses Research on the Health and Wellbeing of Latina Farmworkers in Idaho

Dr. Cynthia Curl, associate professor in the Department of Community and Environmental Health and director for the Center for Excellence in Environmental Health and Safety, discussed recent research on the health and wellbeing of Latina farmworkers in Idaho with the Idaho Environmental Forum (IEF), led by Dr. Jen Schneider, a professor in the School of Public Service and an IEF board member. Dr. Curl was joined by her colleagues and other study investigators Dr. Lisa Meierotto from the School of Public Service, Dr. Rebecca Som Castellano from the Department of Sociology, and Chris Torres, a PhD candidate in Public Policy and Administration. In the video, they discuss their motivation for this research, the interdisciplinary methods and community collaborations, important study findings, and the challenges faced. The entire video can be viewed here:

IEF Forum Short 004: Latina Farmworker Well-being