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Bronco Day Spring 2018, Quad, Liberal Arts, Library, Aaron Bacus Photo

Below is the Fall 2021 seminar schedule. Seminar will be held on campus in ILC 118 on Fridays from 1:30-2:20 pm (Mountain Time).

August 27, 2021Introduction
September 3, 2021 (In person)What do chemical warfare agents and anticancer drugs have in common? Organic chemistry in Dr. Don Warner's lab.Dr. Don Warner, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Boise State University
September 10, 2021 (Zoom)Using Terahertz Spectroscopy to Probe the Mechanical Response of Crystalline SolidsMichael Ruggiero, Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry, Materials Science, and Computational Chemistry, University of Vermont
September 17, 2021 (Zoom)It’s a Trap! Miniaturizing ion trap mass spectrometers for portable chemical analysisDaniel Austin, Professor of Chemistry, Brigham Young University
September 24, 2021 (In person)
Forensics – The BPD Way – From the Crime Scene to the LaboratoryJennifer Delaney, Laboratory Supervisor, Boise Police Department Crime Laboratory
October 1, 2021 (In person)Michael Blair: Probing the Mechanism of Nucleophile-Mediated DNA Interstrand Cross-Links by Aziridinomitosenes, &
Riley Mungo: Enhanced detection of airborne environmental toxins by remote optical instrumentation
Michael Blair, MS Student (D. Warner Lab)
Riley Mungo, MS Student (King Lab)
October 8, 2021 (Zoom)Dragonfly: NASA's Titan Rotorcraft LanderJason Barnes, Professor of Physics, Deputy Principal Investigator of NASA Dragonfly mission, University of Idaho
October 15, 2021 (Zoom)Towards a Molecular Understanding of Dynamic Fe-based Oxygen Evolution Catalysts Shannon Boettcher, Professor of Inorganic and Materials Chemistry, Director Oregon Center for Electrochemistry, University of Oregon
October 22, 2021 (In person)Two decades of structural insights into the mechanism of [FeFe]-hydogenases
John Peters, Professor and Director Institute of Biological Chemistry, Washington State University
October 29, 2021 (Zoom)Searching for Signs of Life and its Origin on Other PlanetsLaurie Barge, Research Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
November 5, 2021 (In person)TBAJared Seale, MS Student (McDougal Lab)
Madison Sargent, Senior Undergrad (L. Warner Lab)
November 12, 2021 (In person)TBASara Scodellaro, Senior Undergrad (Charlier Lab)
Julian Howe, Senior Undergrad (L. Warner Lab)
November 19, 2021 (In person)TBAAaron Kunde, Senior Undergrad (Nagarajan Lab)
Maddelyn Jackson, Senior Undergrad (Brown Lab)
December 3, 2021 (In person)TBAHayley Shuagis, Senior Undergrad (McDougal Lab)
Katherine Yunek, Senior Undergrad (Charlier Lab)
December 10, 2021 (In person)TBAAurora Zantman, Senior Undergrad (L. Warner Lab)
Luke Knudson, Senior Undergrad (Lee Lab)