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Bronco Day Spring 2018, Quad, Liberal Arts, Library, Aaron Bacus Photo

Below is the Fall 2022 seminar schedule. Seminar will be held on campus Fridays from 1:30-2:20 pm (Mountain Time).

September 16th, October 7th, and October 14th: MCMR 207

All other dates: EDUC 112

August 26, 2022Welcome Back BBQ
September 2, 2022Designer Organic-Inorganic Interfaces for Coherent Charge and Spin TransferDr. Luisa Whittaker-Brooks, University of Utah
September 9, 2022Taking Molecular Movies of Fluorescent Proteins and Chemical Probes with Ultrafast Spectroscopy - VirtualDr. Chong Fang, Oregon State University
September 16, 2022Cool Molecules: Unraveling the Mysteries of Ice-Binding ProteinsDr. Konrad Meister, Boise State University
September 23, 2022An Experience from Boise State University: Creating Yourself, Not Finding Yourself
(In person EDUC 112)

Zoom Meeting ID: 920 0324 1345 Zoom Link:
Dr. Pete Barnes, Idaho National Lab
September 30, 2022Data mining for organic crystals that can generate terahertz light, and
using intense terahertz pulses to drive materials far from equilibrium

Zoom Meeting ID: 920 0324 1345 Zoom Link:
Dr. Jeremy Johnson, Bringham Young University
October 7, 2022Emerging crystalline order in self-assembly simulations of complex

Zoom Meeting ID: 915 7997 1301
Zoom Link: pwd=dTRjK3g1WGhYYlMyMk5zUlAzUW9JUT09

Dr. Julia Dshemuchadse, Cornell Engineering
October 14, 2022Continuum and hybrid simulations of materials in electrochemical environmentsDr. Oliviero Andreussi, Boise State University
October 21, 2022TBADr. Tom Santangelo, Colorado State University
October 28, 2022TBADr. Eric Bastian, BUILD Dairy
November 4, 2022TBADr. Brian Trewyn, Colorado School of Mines
November 11, 2022The Synthesis and Application of 3D Carbon Frameworks with Periodic StructureDr. Nick Stadie, Montana State University
November 18, 2022Radioactive nanomaterials: synthesis and x-ray investigations towards advancing nuclear technologyDr. Liane M. Moreau, Washington State University
November 25, 2022Thanksgiving BreakNo Class
December 2, 2022598 Students
December 9, 2022498 StudentsWizard Hat Ceremony
December 16, 2022Finals WeekNo Class