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Fostering Digital Empowerment

School for the Digital Future

The proposed School for the Digital Future is a joint venture of the Colleges of Innovation and Design and Arts and Sciences. We hope to create a unique student-first educational environment that prepares students to work, create, and interrogate our digital world. Our mission is to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in a digital-first world and to provide them an opportunity to design an educational path that works for them.

Latest Updates

Formal Proposal to the Idaho State Board of Education

Faculty and staff from CI+D and the College of Arts and Sciences have developed a proposal for the School, and a formal proposal to the Idaho SBoE is scheduled to be submitted in fall 2023.

Stakeholder Engagement

Meetings with faculty and staff and other key stakeholders have begun to support the development of the school.

MashUps and Other Events

Special events have been designed and launched to bring people from around campus together for digital learning experiences.

Get Involved

Want to participate in this innovative effort? Students, faculty, and community members are invited to engage with us to help envision, create, and launch the School for the Digital Future. Stay tuned for upcoming MashUps and other events to learn more and get involved.

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