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Closure Procedures

With the advancement of virtual meeting technologies like zoom, the university community has been able to successfully adjust its approach to working, teaching and learning remotely when needed. So, as the winter season approaches and the possibility for inclement weather increases, we will lean on this new capability when it is necessary.

During inclement weather, the safety of students, faculty and staff is paramount. At the same time, the university has important research, teaching, service, and outreach missions, and it must maintain continuous and effective business operations.

With due consideration to safety, the university will remain open and operate normally to the greatest extent possible during inclement weather. Faculty, staff and students should evaluate their own circumstances carefully, exercise appropriate judgment, and take responsibility for their safety when making decisions related to the university during inclement weather.

During extreme inclement weather, the decision to cancel or delay classes, or go to fully remote delivery and operations is made by an administrative team that carefully weighs many factors. The university can rarely fully close because students live on campus and services must be delivered. In the event of class cancellation or delay, or a decision to go to fully remote delivery and operations, a Bronco Alert will be sent to students, faculty and staff. Every effort will be made to ensure that the campus community is fully informed. To ensure you are notified, please review and update your information in the Bronco Alert system.

In the event that adjustments to current operations become necessary due to weather, each vice president will issue direction to the affected units as appropriate. Directors of activities in critical business areas will communicate to their employees their work attendance requirements regardless of what is communicated to the general university population.

Our facilities and public safety teams work diligently to plan ahead and clear pathways on and around campus as much as possible when we are hit with snow and ice, but please always take care, allow extra time, and be patient, as we can’t always predict with complete accuracy how the weather will impact us. If you find an area of campus that needs attention, please call 208-426-1409 or text 208-866-6825.