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Closure Procedures

The decision to cancel classes due to adverse weather and driving conditions is made by not one individual, but an administrative team that carefully weighs all the factors. It is a decision that is never taken lightly; however, the information on which to base these decisions is admittedly not always complete or accurate. The ability to predict the weather and subsequent driving conditions in a manner that allows the University to make a timely announcement of its plans will likely remain a challenge.

  • The safety of Boise State’s students and employees is foremost in making the decision to cancel classes.
  • Boise State will remain open unless conditions are severe enough to require closure. Closing is the rare exception, not the rule.
  • Boise State will generally be more conservative than local school districts with its decision to cancel classes.
  • Announcements will only be made when the university plans to make cancellations. If a closure announcement is not posted, please assume that the university will be open for classes and business.
  • Announcements will be posted to the Boise State homepage at and the BroncoAlert system.

Every attempt will be made to send a mass e-mail to all students; however, this technology is not always instantaneous, and in certain circumstances such as a complete campus closure and/or power failure, it may not be possible. The university also shares this information with local TV, radio and newspaper outlets, but has no control over their decision on when and how to broadcast the information. When in doubt, check the university’s website.

  • Separate announcements will reference class closure by campus location and university office closure. The decision to cancel classes will not always automatically mean that university offices will also be closed.

Most importantly, road conditions vary throughout the Treasure Valley and the decision to travel to campus ultimately rests with each individual regardless of any action taken, or not taken, by the university. It is the responsibility of employees to work with their supervisors, and students to work with their instructors, to make arrangements if an absence is warranted due to driving conditions. Faculty and supervisors are encouraged to be flexible and make reasonable accommodations when appropriate.

BroncoAlert – Emergency Alert Information

All students, faculty and staff are encouraged update their personal contact information for BroncoAlert, the emergency notification system at Boise State. The phone and text-based system allows the university to notify students, faculty and staff when an emergency is taking place on or near campus. The system will only be used in critical situations, including weather emergencies, with potential to affect health or safety.