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College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Advising and Student Services

The Academic Advising and Student Services office provides personalized advising to first-year (and some second-year) students in the College of Arts and Sciences (COAS). Advisors help students navigate academic requirements, degree planning, and course registration.

Advisors assist students in learning about engagement opportunities within the University as well as within the college. Advisors can discuss career development topics, goal setting, exploration, academic success resources, and referrals to other campus offices. We work on an appointment basis and offer drop-in advising at the beginning of every semester.

Students We Advise

In the COAS Academic Advising and Student Services office, we generally advise all first-year students (0-25 credits), and some second-year students (26-57 credits). The best way to locate your advisor in our college is to view this table: COAS Advising Contacts

We work closely with all of our departmental-based advisors and faculty members to create a comprehensive advising experience while you complete your major.

Schedule an appointment with your advisor

About advising holds:

All first semester Boise State students must schedule with an advisor in order to be cleared for course registration the following semester. It is our chance to meet you, hear how the semester and classes have been going and discuss your plans for the following semester.

The Registrar’s Office and the Academic Advising and Student Services office will email students about scheduling logistics when it is time to schedule an advising appointment. If you are a continuing Boise State student in our college seeking advising, please check your Student Center to view how to connect with your academic advisor.

How to Prepare for Your Advising Appointment

Your advising appointment serves as a great time to ask questions and seek resources. Keep a running list of things to share with your advisor. Take a look at your myBoiseState Student Center and the “Academic Requirement Report.” This report shows your current enrollment, where courses are ‘counting’ within degree requirements, and outlines what remains in your current degree plan.

Other Great Resources

Visit the Office of the Registrar’s website to view Degree Requirements and Undergraduate Checksheets.

The Boise State Major Finder app is a tool to help understand what majors fit with your interests and/or career goals.