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Moneyhun to participate in a ‘Celebration of Catalan Poetry’ in Scotland

Portrait of Clyde Moneyhun, professor of English, Boise State University

English professor Clyde Moneyhun, currently on sabbatical translating Catalan poetry on the Spanish island of Menorca, will travel to Edinburgh, Scotland on March 29, 2022, to participate in a “Celebration of Catalan Poetry” reading at the Scottish Poetry Library.

Moneyhun will share translation work and promote upcoming books alongside Catalan poet and translator Noèlia Díaz Vicedo and Scottish poet and translator Christopher Whyte. Niall O’Gallagher, Scottish writer and journalist, chairs and Francis Boutle Publishers, the Scottish Public Library, and the Government of Catalonia’s Delegation to the United Kingdom and Ireland co-sponsors the event.