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Reginald Jayne named faculty lead for Interdisciplinary Studies program

Reginald Jayne

The College of Arts and Sciences announces that Reginald Jayne has accepted the inaugural faculty lead role for the Interdisciplinary Studies program at Boise State. The program, also known as IDS or 3D, provides students the ability to design academic plans of study among three disciplines to match their interests and academic goals.

For example, a student who has not identified a traditional major but has interests that span several areas might combine English literature and gender studies minors with a UX Research certificate. At its core, the program helps students understand and articulate the interconnections of their selected areas of study. In his role as faculty lead, Jayne will partner with faculty interested in the program and work with students to help them choose and design a meaningful interdisciplinary academic plan toward their academic goals.

Jayne brings a wealth of unique interdisciplinary experience to the role. In addition to earning interdisciplinary degrees on the undergraduate level, he later completed a doctorate in humanities with a history focus. While studying at Faulkner University, his research focused on the interdisciplinary curriculum development at several universities including the University of Chicago and Columbia in the early twentieth century.

Professionally, he has coordinated Interdisciplinary Programs at both the University of Houston-Downtown and the College of Western Idaho. He joined the College of Arts and Sciences as a clinical associate professor for Interdisciplinary Professional Studies and the Bachelor of Applied Science programs in January 2022.

“The random events of my life have taken me down a pathway of completing, working and teaching in, and leading interdisciplinary programs,” Jayne said. “I sometimes feel like there are cosmic forces at play that push us where we’re supposed to be and that this job came up and it looked like something that I was uniquely suited for.”

Jayne initially plans to focus on building community among students in the program. He describes how students meet together at the beginning of their studies but then follow individualized academic plans through their chosen disciplines and then when they get to their capstone project, “they’re kind of shocked to realize they’re not the only person doing this.”

Kelly Myers, associate dean for undergraduate studies and student success for the College of Arts and Sciences commented on the evolution of the IDS program and how she sees Jayne’s contribution, “In recent years, we designed 3D-specific curricula to help our students build their degree plans, integrate their disciplines and reflect on their learning. As the program continues to grow, we need a leader who can help us envision the next phase of the program, one that includes enhanced student community and increased faculty engagement. With Reggie’s experience in interdisciplinary programs as a student, advisor and leader, he is well-positioned to lead us forward.”

Jayne said that he “is particularly excited about collaborating with other College of Arts and Sciences departments, IDS advising and faculty to identify opportunities for 3D students” at Boise State.

Get to know Reggie a little more in his new employee introduction video.