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School of the Environment Faculty/Staff Working Groups – apply by Jan. 17

The School of the Environment (SoE) is forming working groups on five topics to run during the Spring of 2023: Field schools/Field training; Science Communication; Data Science; Geospatial curriculum and scholarship; Sustainability across the curriculum; and Faculty reward and recognition structures and culture.

The composition of the working groups will vary slightly depending on the topic, but there will be a mix of faculty and staff from across programs, departments, and colleges. There is value in hearing different perspectives in these groups based on discipline, experience at Boise State and at other institutions, and role currently held.

We are forming these groups for the following reasons:

  • To utilize the expertise of a diverse group of people in order to respond to challenges and seize opportunities connected to key goals for the SoE
  • To develop common understanding and shared values that translate to shared learning objectives and shared curriculum and scholarship enhancement strategies across programs
  • Better aligned curriculum (in terms of course offering schedules, faculty staffing, student capacity, etc)
  • Identification of curriculum, scholarship, and capacity gaps along with development of strategies for filling those gaps

We invite you to send a brief email to SoE Director Kevin Feris ( if you would like to join one of the working groups.  Please specify the group(s) you want to join and write a couple of sentences (2 to 4 sentences) explaining why you are interested in the group(s).


Each faculty or staff committee member who participates actively throughout the spring semester will receive $250 in development funds, supplemental pay, or research funding.

Time commitment

Working group meetings will be held two weeks per month, with meeting times determined to enable as much participation as feasible.  Working group participation will also likely require some preparation outside of meeting times.  We do realize that academic schedules are complex and ultimately may influence the ability of some to participate, which we regret.

Important dates

  • Please send your email response to by January 17 , 2023.
  • Applicants will be notified of a decision by January 20, 2023.
  • The first meeting will take place the week of January 23, 2023 or the week of Jan. 30th, depending on scheduling logistics.
  • Questions? Contact Kevin Feris; (