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Curtis Green-Eneix: Boise State linguistics alum living in China

Boise State alum Curtis Green-Eniex
Boise State alum Curtis Green-Eneix

The Education University of Hong Kong announced the appointment of Curtis Green-Eneix, an alum of Boise State University, as its new Research Assistant Professor for the English Language Education program. In this role, he will bring extensive experience and expertise to the department through his skills with higher education research, grant writing, research support and much more.

As a graduate from Boise State with his bachelor’s degree in English, with an emphasis in linguistics and a minor in Chinese studies, he took part in “Project Shine,” a service-learning student organization that helps in the naturalization of elderly refugees. There, he assisted elderly refugees in developing English skills so they can contribute to and feel a sense of belonging in their communities. This experience helped solidify the area of education he felt passionate about pursuing—applied linguistics.

Green-Eneix attributes a lot to his mentors in the Department of Linguistics for showing him various opportunities like membership in the Linguistics Society of Boise, having received a McNair Fellowship 2014-2016 and having the honor to vote on “word of the year” twice while attending Boise State. He noted that his mentors helped him grow personally and educationally and that they “truly left a mark on me.”

His decision to move to Hong Kong, China was not made lightly and came with many cultural challenges. However, he is excited to focus on research regarding intercultural communication, hidden curriculum in schools, how language shapes our world/society and the role language policy planning has on equitable education.

Aside from his research responsibilities, Green-Eneix has published journal articles, book chapters and other papers and has presented over thirty academic and professional presentations. He has also received five grants and international accolades for his language and linguistics research.

Green-Eneix has impressive academic and career achievements, but he is also an active member in four organizations—Comparative & International Education Society, American Association for Applied Linguistics, International Association of Applied Linguistics and TESOL International Association. With his vast educational experience, he attributes a lot of his success to his time at Boise State University saying, “Everything I have done in some way has been tied back to Boise State one way or another… the beauty of Boise State, the little/big campus that it is, it’s big enough to explore what you want, but it is small enough to get the support and the care that you really need. I think the linguistics department really exemplifies that.”

This article was written by Halie Kidd, a senior studying communications and public relations and a member of the student-run Blue House Agency.