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Group of Dedicated Career Track MBA Students Attend Net Impact Conference

Group holding certificate
Pratika Pandey, Philine Fleck, Kelsey Hausman, Tashi Sherpa, Micaela Smith, Vasudha Bhandare, Bella Pratt

Net Impact is a student organization with a mission to empower a new generation to drive social and environmental change throughout their careers. No group is more dedicated to make a positive impact in the world than the seven Career Track MBA students who recently attended the Net Impact Conference in Detroit, Michigan.

Group photo of Participants

Here are some testimonials from the seven participants (Pratika Pandey, Philine Fleck, Kelsey Hausman, Tashi Sherpa, Micaela Smith, Vasudha Bhandare, Bella Pratt):

  • Tashi Sherpa
    President of the Net Impact, Tashi Sherpa

    “Net Impact 2019 conference in Detroit, Michigan was truly an amazing experience. I am so grateful to have met many students and professionals from all around the states. Learning about how we as an individual can make an impact truly widened my lens.”
    Tashi Sherpa (2nd-year Career Track MBA student)

  • “I really enjoyed hearing the professionals talk in the panels. It was an amazing learning experience and opportunity to ask people questions you would never get the chance to ask otherwise. I learned so much that weekend.”
    Philine Fleck (1st-year Career Track MBA student)
  • “The Net Impact Conference reminded me of the difference a single person can make in an organization. It reinvigorated my desire to leave a positive impact on society and the environment through my career and personal choices.”
    Kelsey Hausman (1st-year Career Track MBA student)
  • “Knowledge gained through experience is far superior and many times more useful than bookish knowledge” – Mahatma Gandhi. Believing in this strong saying and for gaining actual experience on the deep meaning of these two words ‘Net Impact’, I went to ‘Net Impact Conference 2019’. I attended some of the insightful sessions like keynote from Nipun Mehta (co-founder of Servicespace), Business Case for Mindful and Compassionate Leadership, and Impact Finance. Two key takeaways:  First, I got to learn and experience how business and net impact are correlated and second, I learned why corporate social responsibility is a valuable aspect for every modern business.
    Pratika Pandey (1st-year career track MBA student)
  • “The Net Impact Conference helped me come away with a new understanding of social and environmental sustainability and how my long-term goals fit within that space. I’m filled with renewed excitement towards the topic and have increased knowledge of how my business background can make a difference within the various pillars of sustainability.”
    Bella Pratt (1st-year career track MBA student)

Through over 350 chapters world wide, Net Impact mobilizes next-generation leaders to use their skills and careers to make a positive impact on the world. Learn more about Boise State’s Net Impact Chapter.