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Michail Fragkias co-authors interdisciplinary research paper

Michail Fragkias co-authored an interdisciplinary research paper published in the journal ‘Urban Climate’. The paper is titled ‘A conceptual framework for an urban areas typology to integrate climate change mitigation and adaptation’ ( and is part of a Special Issue on ‘Building Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation in Urban Areas’
From the abstract:
“Urban areas are key sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and also are vulnerable to climate change. The recent IPCC Fifth Assessment Report illustrates a clear need for more research on urban strategies for climate change adaptation and mitigation. However, missing from the current literature on climate change and urban areas is a conceptual framework that integrates mitigation and adaptation perspectives and strategies. Because cities vary with respect to development histories, economic structure, urban form, institutional and financial capacities among other factors, it is critical to develop a framework that permits cross-city comparisons beyond simple single measures like population size.”