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Graduate Programs

Introduction to Our Graduate Programs

The following short video presentation details our programs’ key features, application deadlines and available funding opportunities. This video is available with closed captions and a video transcript.

Traditional and Accelerated (4+1) Degrees

The MSE and M.Ec. programs can also be completed in a traditional format, taking 2 years to complete or an accelerated 4+1 option. For the accelerated 4+1 option, Boise State students may apply for the master’s programs after they complete 75 undergraduate credits; during their final two academic semesters as an undergrad, they are expected to take two graduate-level economics courses (ECON 521 and ECON 522) that count for both your undergraduate and graduate degrees. Once the student graduates with a bachelor’s degree, then he/she continues with the remaining master’s courses and completes the degree in one year.

Economics Graduate Offerings

Master of Economics (M.Ec.) is designed for students to gain skills in economic and quantitative analysis and is ideal for individuals seeking to advance, or begin, careers in analytical fields in private industry, government or non-profit sectors.

The Master of Science in Economics (MSE) provides students with a strong foundation in academic research and serves as a bridge to PhD programs in economics or related fields or careers in research intensive positions.

The Graduate Certificate in Econometrics provide students from other disciplines a foundation in econometrics and causal inference, providing students from other graduate programs a valuable quantitative toolset.

Master of Economics

Master of Economics - Capstone Project Emphasis

Master of Science in Economics

Master of Science - Thesis Focused Academic Research

Graduate Certificate in Econometrics

Quantitative and Causal Analysis

OPT STEM Extension

Our Masters Degrees Qualify for OPT STEM Extension
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