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Economics Students Submitted Service-Learning Projects to the Undergraduate Research Conference.

Students from Samia Islam’s ECON 432/532

Five teams from Samia Islam’s ECON 432/532 class participated in Service-Learning research projects this semester. Working with community partner Boise Farmers Market, students assisted in collecting and analyzing data that would help determine a permanent location for the market.

The teams prepare posters about their projects and took part in the annual Undergraduate Research Conference. Titles of the posters were:

  • Commercial Kitchens in Farmers Markets
  • Location Choices of the Future Boise Farmers Market using GIS Mapping
  • Boise Farmer’s Market Commercial Kitchen & Relocation Options
  • Farmer’s Market Surveys: Best Practices
  • Surveying for New Boise Farmers Market Location and Consumer Amenity Preference

Students from ECON 474/575 ‘Sustainability and Economic Policy’ presented on the following topics

  •  Climate Change Effects On The Outdoor Economy of Idaho. [Ben Albert, Marissa Warren, Michael Duke, and Hannah Arnold]
  • Environmental Valuation Best Practices. [Jon Snell, McKenna Yetter, Hailie Johnson-Waskow]
  • The Idaho Outdoors As A Recruitment Tool. [Nate Nelson, Marlee Heistuman, Calvin Gaus]
  • Utilizing Science in Idaho Policy:  Exploring Feasible Environmental Policies for Idaho. [Ravyn Farber, Danny Fisher, Amy Hilton]

Overall, this class included 12 students from COBE, 1 from SPS. The poster titled ‘The Idaho Outdoors As A Recruitment Tool’ won the Best in College award.