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John Church, Lecturer in Economics, Retires

John Church

In 1986, John Church was working full-time at Idaho Power as a corporate economist forecasting sales and electricity demand when he started working part-time as an adjunct in the Department of Economics. John’s first teaching assignments were in remote sites like Mountain Home. In 1998, he accepted full-time employment as a lecturer in the Department of Economics. As a full-time lecturer, John was the primary lecturer for principles classes taught in large classrooms, first B105 in what is now Riverfront Hall and now the Skaggs Hall of Learning. During his tenure at Boise State, John taught more than 1,000 students per year. He truly has been a workhorse for the Department of Economics.

John started college as a civil engineering major at the University of Washington. He transferred to Boise State University where he earned a bachelor of business administration degree in business economics. He also earned a master’s degree in economics from the University of Idaho.

John’s retirements plans had included traveling with his wife Kathy. With the onset of the coronavirus, those plans are delayed. John reports that he is just happy to be home with Kathy. This is the first time in 34 years that they have enjoyed extended periods of times together. John is also looking forward to spending more time with his children and grandchildren.

The faculty in the Department of Economics wish John the best as he begins his retirement. He has made a significant contribution to the students of Boise State University and to the Department of Economics. He will be missed!