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Steve Hall, Named Energy Chapter Lead for the Idaho Climate-Economy Impacts Assessment

Steve Hall has been named Energy Chapter Lead for the Idaho Climate-Economy Impacts Assessment, continuing the work begun by Thomas Ptak of the University of Idaho.  The project is convened by The McClure Center at the University of Idaho and involves over 100 researchers from Idaho who work to identify how changes in climate will likely affect agriculture, energy, human health, recreation, tourism and infrastructure. Steve will not only look at the risks climate change poses in the energy sector, but also identify and quantify opportunities for innovation, economic development and job creation in relation to Idaho’s energy needs.

He looks forward to working with researchers across the state, and partnering with Boise State and University of Idaho faculty, as well as multiple Idaho stakeholders to complete the project.

“The Idaho Climate-Economy Impacts Assessment will connect the latest scientific research on Idaho’s changing climate with economic risks and opportunities that impact businesses, residents and local and state economies,” said Hall. “With the participation of researchers representing Idaho universities and colleges, businesses, non-profits, and tribal and other governments, the findings and recommendations from the assessment will allow Idaho to start planning now for a productive, resilient future.”

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