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Faculty Research/ Interest Areas

Dr. Nick Hudyma (Geotechnical Engineering)
  • I perform laboratory tests to investigate the behavior, properties, and failure characteristics of rock.  
  • I use imaging and visualization techniques such as CT scanning, laser scanning, 3D models, drones, and virtual reality to understand rocks at the laboratory and field scales.  
  • I quantify how close rocks have come to forming soil (weathering).
Dr. Mojtaba (Moji) Sadegh (Environmental / Water Resources Engineering)
  • Climate modeling and analysis, with a specific focus on wildfires, droughts and heatwaves.
  • Understanding and analyzing changes in risks, frequencies, intensities and magnitudes of various climatic/weather extremes and their impacts.
  • Devising adaptation strategies and enhancing societal resilience to climatic hazards.
Dr. Mandar Khanal (Transportation Engineering)
  • Estimating the demand for transportation.
  • Determining avenues to meet transportation demands.
  • Managing operations of the transportation system.
Dr. Bhaskar Chittoori (Geotechnical Engineering)
  • Use soil bacteria to engineer soil behavior. 
  • Develop methods to assess how well civil infrastructure is doing!(Sustainability and resiliency)
  • Mimic nature to develop new methods of building foundations. (Tree root based foundation systems)
Dr. Kevin Roche (Environmental / Water Resources Engineering)
  • I use experiments to determine how carbon, contaminants, and nutrients move through rivers and groundwater.
  • I use math to predict how those substances move, and how those movements may change in the future (e.g., in response to changing land use).
  • I aim to use these tools to understand how humans can better manage rivers and aquifers.
Dr. Sondra Miller (Environmental / Water Resources Engineering)
  • Fate and transport of persistent and emerging contaminants in natural (lakes, rivers, urban and rural air) and engineered (water and wastewater) systems.
  • Air quality monitoring and modeling.
  • Water quality monitoring and modeling.
Dr. Arvin Farid (Geotechnical / GeoEnvironmental Engineering)
  • Finding and cleaning up any pollution (e.g., due to industrial spills or wildfires) within soil and groundwater.
  • Learning about soils’ various properties, e.g., strength to carry any structure (building dams, etc.) built on soil or problems such as landslides and erosion.
  • Finding ways to prevent or reduce the risk and damage due to earthquakes to foundations and power grids. 
Dr. Yang Lu (Materials Engineering)
  • Material design for 3D concrete printing of homes.
  • Asphalt pavement design using recycled materials.
  • Design energy-efficient buildings.
Dr. Robert Hamilton (Structural Engineering)
  • How buildings and bridges behave in the real world. 
  • How to design new or repair existing structures using building materials efficiently, while keeping the public safe in the event of an accident or major storm.