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CE Science Electives

Science Elective is defined as a science course from a field that is not Chemistry or Physics that expands the student’s understanding of the nature of an aspect of Civil Engineering. Courses in addition to those listed may be used to meet this requirement with the approval of the Civil Engineering Faculty.

Note: Some courses listed below require PRE/COREQS which are not a part of the Civil Engineering Curriculum and can require additional coursework.

Science Electives

BIOL 100Concepts of BiologyN/A
BIOL 191General Biology IMATH 108
ENVSTD 121Introduction to Environmental StudiesN/A
ENVSTD 200Environmental Approaches and MethodsENVSTD 121
ENVSTD 220Introduction to Global Environmental ChangeN/A
GEOL 101Physical Geology
GEOG 213Atmosphere and WeatherGEOG 101 or GEOL 101 or GEOS 101 or ENVSTD 121.
GEOS 101Global Environmental ScienceN/A
GEOS 201Introduction to OceanographyN/A
GEOS 212Water in the WestGEOL 101 or GEOS 101, and MATH 143 and MATH 144