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Graduate Student Handbook



Welcome to the Graduate Program in Civil Engineering at Boise State University. Thank you for choosing our program. The Civil Engineering department at Boise State University was established in 1997, and the graduate program started in 2001. The department is spread across multiple buildings, Charles. P. Ruch Engineering Building (RUCH), Environmental Research Building (ERB), Harry Morrison Civil Engineering Laboratory (HML), and the Copper Basin. The CE office suite is located in RUCH 338, and the faculty offices are spread across the 3rd and 4th floors of ERB, as well as the 3rd floor for RUCH while the laboratories are in HML and ERB buildings. Our faculty members conduct research in various disciplines of Civil Engineering via externally funded grants from local, state, and federal sources. As a graduate student, you will contribute greatly to the department’s research mission.

This handbook is a resource for graduate students in the program and will guide you through the program. It is also a resource for graduate faculty and staff to familiarize themselves with the program and university requirements.