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Technical Electives

A Technical Elective is course related to and enhancing a student’s knowledge of civil engineering. Students may also take a Civil Engineering Design or Civil Engineering Technical Elective course in lieu of a Technical Elective.

CE design electives

CE technical electives

Table of Technical Electives

In addition to the technical electives listed in this table also complete;

Any 300- or 400-level Mechanical Engineering (ME), Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Engineering Science (ENGR), or Material Science and Engineering (MSE) course. Exceptions: ENGR 360, MATH 360 and MATH 361 may not be used as a technical elective.
CourseCourse Title
CE 493Internship
CE 496Independent Study
CHEM 307/08Organic Chemistry Lecture + Lab
CMGT 367Construction Estimating
CMGT 385Construction Contracts and Law
CMGT 417Project Scheduling
CMGT 475Project Management
GEOS 212Water in the West
GEOG 321Sustainability of Natural Resources
GEOG 360Introduction to GIS
GEOG 361Remote Sensing
GEOPH 305Applied Geophysics
GEOPH 465Seismic Methods
MATH 465Numerical Methods I