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Undergraduate Electives

Fall 2019Spring 2020
CE 316HydrologyCE 402Computational Techniques
CE 452Structural Steel DesignCE 412Hydrogeology
CE 460Geotechnical Engineering Design ICE 424Water Treatment Design
CE 466Ground Improvement DesignCE 442Advanced Concrete
CE 475Traffic Systems DesignCE 450Reinforced Concrete Design
CE 454Timber Design
CE 497Environmental GeophysicsCE 462Geotechnical Engineering Design II
CE 497Intro to Numerical Methods for the GeosciencesCE 472Transportation Planning
CE 497Applied Hydrologic Modeling
CE 497Advanced Soil Mechanics
Fall 2020Spring 2021
CE 426Aqueous GeochemistryCE 402Computational Techniques
CE 436HydraulicsCE 412Hydrology: Flow in Geologic Systems
CE 452Structural Steel DesignCE 425Wastewater Treatment Design
CE 456Masonry DesignCE 442Advanced Concrete
CE 460Geotechnical Engineering Design ICE 450Reinforced Concrete Design
CE 466Geotechnical Engineering Design IICE 454Timber Design
CE 470Highway Systems DesignCE 475Traffic Systems Design
CE 497Advanced Soil Mechanics