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CM Internships

Construction Management Internship Program

During their academic career, Construction Management students have the opportunity of obtaining industry experience with a variety of construction companies and organizations through two experiences.

Internship for credit:

(CMGT 493) Cooperative education/internship in construction management provides practical, on-the-job experience with Heavy-Civil, Commercial, and or Residential construction companies.

Internship for work experience:

Gaining construction industry experience early in a student’s academic career will foster the student’s understanding of course content and help solidify industry knowledge. Further, an internship is an excellent way for students to gain experience in the different fields of construction and allow students to determine their career path.

The CM faculty can assist interested students in finding internship opportunities. For more information contact

Application Process

Once you have obtained an internship and are ready to register for the internship course you must complete your application online

  • Access the Internship Application for Academic Credit.
  • Log in using your Boise State username and password.
  • To create your application, hit the plus (+) sign next to Internship Application for Academic Credit on the left hand side of the page. Click on the option Create an Application
  • Enter all required information (fields with * are required)
  • Then  hit SUBMIT (if you do not have all the information you can hit SAVE and come back to it at another time; remember it is not submitted until you hit SUBMIT)
  • Once submitted, the application will be routed to the department internship coordinator for approval – he/she will get an email notification asking them to approve your internship
  • Once approved by department internship coordinator, it will then be routed to your organization supervisor for approval via email
  • Once approved by the organization supervisor, it will be routed via email to the Registrar’s Office and the approved internship course will be added to your class schedule in my.Boisestate.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You will not be registered for your internship course until your department internship coordinator and organization supervisor approve your internship application

For more information, find forms, and review the full application process visit: The Boise State Career Center

Current Internships Available

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