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The CM Alumni Challenge


A Lasting Legacy Opportunity

As Idaho’s only public university construction management (CM) program, our graduates have been building a better Idaho for the last 40+ years. The impact of our program will continue to impact Idaho, and beyond, for generations to come.

The CM Department and the College of Engineering are challenging our CM alumni to leave a lasting legacy, showcasing their impact for the future generations of construction industry professionals from Boise State.

If CM Alumni can raise $500,000 the new High Bay will be designated as the Construction Management Alumni Lab.

Who is the best CM class of all time?

This isn’t just about raising money, this is for bragging rights.

Alumni Fundraising Goal: $500,000

The CM class that generates the most donations toward the $500,000 goal will receive:

  • Ribbon-cutting privileges for High Bay
  • Building Grand Opening recognition
  • College of Engineering and Construction Management Department social media recognition
CM Alumni Chapter President

Tucker Robb '11

Check out this special message from our Construction Management Alumni Chapter President Tucker Robb ’11 on how to support the future Construction Management Building.

CM Class Challenge Leaderboard

Since March 2023, CM Alumni have raised $279,292 of the $500,000 goal.

Note: Our leaderboard is updated every Friday with the latest totals and class standings.

1st Place: Class of 2009- $80,000

2nd Place: Class of 2012- $26,000

3rd Place: Class of 2011- $18,077

T-4th Place: Class of 1981- $10,000

T-4th Place: Class of 1996- $10,000

6th Place: Class of 1997- $6,100

7th Place: Class of 2010- $5,125

8th Place: Class of 1992- $5,037

9th Place: Class of 2023- $5,000

10th Place: Class of 2013- $3,251

Other Notable Gifts:
Class of 2016- $1,700
Class of 2018- $1,050
Class of 1999- $1,020
Class of 1982- $2,000
Class of 1989- $761
Class of 2015- $750
Class of 2021- $710
Class of 1944- $500
Class of 1983- $500
Class of 2017- $500
Class of 2006- $500
Class of 2022- $325
Class of 2019- $100

Make A Donation

Julie Carnosso, CM Class of 2016

Why Alumni Give?

“I consider Boise State an extension of my family. It gave me the wings to be whoever I wanted to be. During my time in the CM program, the CM lab became a space that instilled camaraderie and fostered relationships. It was a safe zone where students helped each other academically and fundamentally as people. In my years at Boise State, the CM lab was literally a portable building. We made it work, but it had its limitations. When I think of the possibilities that a more significant, more accommodating building could do for its students, I can’t consider a more deserving program to support. ”