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Research Activities

Research Opportunities and Partnerships

  • Penetration Testing for Telemetry and SCADA Networks
  • Substation Threat Resistant Networking
  • Disruption of Simulated Power Grids
  • Phasor Measurement Units (Synchrophasors)
  • GPS Clock Drift
  • Resiliency to Cyber Threats
  • Power Grid Cascading Failure
  • Local Industry Cyber Security Assessments

CLICS LAB: Power Grid Simulation


Boise State University worked with Schweitzer Engineering Labs (SEL) to obtain a variety of power system protection relays. Boise State University coupled the SEL equipment with a Real-Time Digital Simulator(RTDS) to simulate a power grid control center.

This system will be used for future power and cybersecurity classes.


System Control

The Power Lab Simulator is located behind our Enterprise Server. This server houses our VPN and all user profiles. To access the system, one must first be approved by the school for VPN access, to remotely access the system.

System Communication

Our grid simulator uses three means of communication: Radio, Ethernet, and a Software-Defined Network. From a cybersecurity aspect, this provides many avenues of attack due to the vulnerabilities of each communication type.

Power Grid

The grid simulation sends simulated voltage and current from the RTDS to four SEL relays. These relays monitor and control the flow of electricity by communicating with simulated breakers in the RTDS.


The simulator is monitored by SEL software located in the Real-Time Automation Controller. This allows for monitoring and control of the system as well as recording of fault data.