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Electronic and Neuromorphic Devices and Systems Lab

The ENDS Lab investigates the unique properties and capabilities of electronic spiking neural networks and neuromorphic architectures through simulation, fabrication, and advanced electrical characterization. We are especially interested in using novel nanoscale electronic devices and circuits to capture biomimetic learning modalities such as spike timing-dependent plasticity (STDP) and spatio-temporal pattern representations of information. Integrating neuromorphic circuits into micro- and nano-scale systems that interface directly with the environment for real-world, real-time applications is another focus.

various photos of people in the Electronic and Neuromorphic Devices and Systems Lab

Members of the group are encouraged and afforded every possible opportunity to develop a broad set of abilities in conjunction with strong leadership, communication, and creative and critical thinking skills to succeed in future careers. See the People page if you are interested in open positions!


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