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VAR Scent VIP Seeks ECE Students to Build VR Controller

Girl with VR headset

Attention ECE majors!  Looking for something to spice up your spring? How about earning a credit or two as part of a transdisciplinary research team building VR and augmented reality devices?   

Dr. Peter Mullner (Materials Science) and Dr. John Bieter (History) are leading the VAR Scent project.  The purpose of their vertically integrated project is to create a virtual and/or augmented reality device that incorporates smell and microfluidics technology and then to explore how such a device could be used as an educational tool.  They’re looking for ECE students interested in circuits who can help them build a control unit for a virtual and/or augmented reality device.

VIP Coach Information

  • Dr. John Bieter is a member of the faculty in the History Department and also the interim Director of the Foundational Studies program. He is interested in the educational opportunities of VR scent in teaching history.
  • Dr. Peter Müllner is a faculty in the Material Science Department and an expert in microfluidics technology.

Course Information

These are full-semester courses.  Courses in spring 2021 will be hybrid.  You can choose to enroll in 1 or 2 credits.

    • VIP  200-015
    • VIP 400-015
    • VIP 500-015

Interested in joining this team?

For more information and to request a permission number to register:

You might also want to check out this document for tips on contacting a professor about joining a team.