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Important Advising Update for Electrical Engineering Majors

Electrical Engineering majors take note!  Changes to the BSEE curriculum may affect your degree requirements.

MSE 245 Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering  |  ECE 245 Introduction to Electronic Materials

  • MSE 245 is no longer being offered. Instead, students will take ECE 245, a one-credit course that focuses on the electric properties of materials.
  • ECE 245 Introduction to Electronic Materials covers critical material science concepts relevant to electrical engineering applications and has a prerequisite of CHEM 111/L. We are planning to offer it in fall, spring, and summer as a seven-week long course, which will give students a lot of flexibility as they schedule taking this course to satisfy the old requirement of MSE 245.
  • Students who have not taken the three-credit MSE 245 course need to enroll in the new one-credit ECE 245 course.
  • Students on the 2020-2021 catalog are required to take ECE 245, and the removal of MSE 245 does not affect your plan.
  • Students using the 2019-2020 catalog or prior catalog years who have not yet taken MSE 245 are encouraged to take ECE 245 (one credit) instead of MSE 245 (three credits). The other two credits will be waived.

New Prerequisites for ECE 310 Microelectronic Circuits

  • To improve student learning outcomes, a portion of the course content from ECE 310 Microelectronic Circuits has been moved into ECE 245. As a result, ECE 245 is now a prerequisite for ECE 310 effective fall 2021.
  • ECE 245 is offered over the second seven-week session in summer 2021.  Students who have not yet completed MSE 245 are highly encouraged to enroll so that they may take ECE 310 in fall 2021. ECE 245 will also be offered in fall 2021 for those planning to take ECE 310 in spring 2022.

How does this affect you?
We recommend that every student who has not completed MSE 245 or ECE 245, regardless of catalog, contact Dr. Barney for help understanding how this change may affect you.

If you plan to take ECE 310 in fall 2021

      • Enroll in ECE 245 in Summer 2021

If you plan to take ECE 310 in spring 2022

      • Complete CHEM 111/L by the end of Summer 2021
      • Enroll in ECE 245 in Summer 2021 or Fall 2021