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Idaho Microfabrication Lab

Staged re-opening of the IML will begin the week of June 8th. Please read the new access requirements for gaining entrance to the IML labs.

The COVID-19 pandemic is upon us and will change the way in which we conduct business inside the IML.  In addition to following all BSU and College of Engineering COVID-19 safety protocols, all new and existing IML members will be required to read and follow the IML Limited Access SOP and take a short quiz in Blackboard BEFORE entrance will be granted.  Be SAFE – Stay HEALTHY!

Stay tuned for more details……………

The Idaho Microfabrication Laboratory (IML) at Boise State University is a shared user facility dedicated to the education and advancement of fabrication technologies used in the areas of nano\micro-fabrication and additive manufacturing.  Originally founded in 1998, the IML was established to provide hands-on training for students pursuing careers in semiconductor technologies.

The IML is a multi-user facility accessible by the R&D community in both academia and by industry partners looking for a one-stop shop to fulfill their needs for rapid prototyping and/or proof-of-concept development.  From wafer cleans to electronics packaging, the IML is equipped with typical equipment used in the fabrication of microelectronics including thin film deposition, dry and wet etch processing and photolithography.  The newly formed additive manufacturing equipment suite enables research in the areas of printed and flexible electronics and is also available to industry partners who wish to explore technologies in these rapidly growing areas.

Partnerships between the IML and the Boise State Surface Science Lab and the Boise State Center for Materials Characterization can assist with characterization needs.

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