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Get to Know Your “W” Drive Server

Answers to Common Questions Regarding the W: Drive

Data Custodians

What Are Data Custodians?

Data custodians are those faculty or staff designated to approve access requests to folders on the “W” drive.

ENGR Domain

I’m An ENGR user.  Why Don’t I See the “W” Drive?

The ENGR domain is a private, separate domain for COEN research
data.  The “W” drive is in the Boisestate domain, so ENGR users may
access it by manually mapping to \\Coen-Maple\Common and entering in
secured Broncoweb credentials to the Boisestate Domain at the login

U: Drive versus W: Drive

What Is the Difference Between “U” and “W”?

The “U” drive is a user’s personal, private location for storing files–including media files. Others cannot see the contents of your “U”drive. The “W” drive provides shared file access across different work groups.

Personal Data Storage

Is Personal Drive Space Available?

Yes! All COEN Windows domain users start with 2GB of space on their “U” drive to store work-related content (we cannot provide data space to store personal, non-work related files). This quota can be adjusted to accommodate storage needs. If you have large amounts of data to store (in excess of 10GB), a location other than “U” may be a better solution.

Backing Up U: & W:

How Often Is “U” and “W” Data Backed Up?

Nightly.  Workstation hard disk (C:) files are not backed up, so important information should be saved to “U”, “W” or other server.

'Everyone' Folder

What is the EVERYONE Folder?

The “everyone” folder is for temporary file sharing access, only. It will be purged periodically to manage space and preserve system health, or purged whenever the directory is almost out of space.

Music or Multimedia Files

How Do I Save Music or Multimedia Files?

Multimedia files (ISOs, MP3s, and WAV files) cannot be copied to most areas the “W” drive. Exceptions may be made for business-critical or academic curriculum files; requests for an exception should be submitted to COEN ITS staff.

The ‘everyone’ folder and personal “U” drive folders locations in which users may copy and save multimedia files.  Please note that the ‘everyone’ folder is routinely purged for system health, as previously noted above.


Need more information?

If you have questions about the “everyone” folder, data custodians or any other topics related to “U” or “W” drives, please contact COEN ITS staff (email, which automatically generates a ‘help’ ticket.