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Engineering and Science Festival Schedule

Activities Schedule from February 2024

While many activities are drop-in, some are at scheduled times. All activities will wrap by 3:00 p.m., if not earlier. 

(Scheduled and Drop-In Activities)


    • Division of Aeronautics – All Ages
      Exploring Careers in Aviation
    • Science Olympiad – Ages 6+
      Science Olympiad, A STEM competition for grades 6 – 12 hosted by Boise State University
    • Boise State Physics + AstroTAC Activities – All Ages
      Ready to learn about space and its planets? Come join us for some fun interactive activities like build your own planet bracelets and more.
    • Linguistics department at Boise State – All Ages
      “Language Sciences”; Booth with several language puzzles and explanations about linguistics and language sciences.
    • Idaho National Laboratory (INL) – All Ages
      Festival Sponsor Information Booth
    • Mathnasium of Boise – All Ages
      Math tricks + prize wheel. We’re all about making learning approachable and fun, so we’d love to show students a math trick at their level to impress their friends with!
    • Chemistry and Biochemistry – Ages 5+
      Pollutants in the Environment
    • EFx Boise – All Ages
      Information Booth
    • Verizon – All Ages
      Festival Sponsor Information Booth
    • Boise State University CAST – All Ages
      A STEM challenge focused on engineering and earthquakes
    • Girl Scouts of Silver Sage – All Ages
      “Create and Innovate: Finding Creative Solutions to Make the World a Better Place”; Participants will first identify a problem in their world they would like to address. They will then use the provided craft materials to create a protype of their invention that addresses the issue.
    • Department of Computer Science – All Ages
      Coding on small robots
    • Children’s Museum of Idaho – All Ages
      STEM building activities
    • NASA Challenge Teams at Boise State University – Ages 13+
      Mixed reality, machine learning, and robotics showcases from the SUITS, SPOTR, and BENDER challenge teams at Boise State University.


    • Fives Designs – Ages 3-9+
      Fives Designs mosaic tile building area, where art and building reach life-size proportions. Kids will use FIVEs tiles to build large 2D images.


    • Hatch A
      Idaho Power – All Ages

      45 minute sessions all day, starting at the top of the hour
      The Shocking Truth About Electricity – High Voltage Electricity Demonstration
    • Hatch B
      Reuseum Educational, Inc. – Ages 5+

      All day until supplies are exhausted, 45 min sessions
      SuperBristelBot Robots
    • Hatch C
      City of Boise – All Ages

      Geothermal and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at City of Boise – Learn how Public Works at City of Boise harnesses geothermal energy for heating. Sharpen your mapping skills with the City’s IT mapping specialists.
    • Hatch D
      National Interagency Fire Center – All Ages

      “Remote Automatic Weather Station Demonstration”. Weather plays an important role in wildland fire management. Learn how remote automatic weather stations (RAWS) operate and how they are used to support wildfire and all-hazard incidents.


    • 10:30am  Dean JoAnn Lighty – All Ages
      Welcome to Engineering:  A short overview of the College of Engineering here at Boise State followed by a Q&A. Topics include programs offered, scholarships, and opportunities.
    • 12:00pm  David Rush – All Ages
      Since last time he spoke at the festival, David has broken over 100 Guinness World Records, been on America’s Got Talent (twice!), TODAY Show, Live! with Kelly and Ryan, the Tamron Hall Show and his records have been featured on the likes of Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, Mr. Beast, Ellen, Seth Meyers, and he was awarded Idaho Business Review’s Accomplished under 40. His company, Cradlepoint also had the largest startup technology exit in Idaho’s history valued at $1.1B. Come listen to his STEM-inspired talk with new content galore.
    • 1:30pm  Brian Jackson – All Ages
      Distant Worlds: Astronomy Research and Citizen Science at Boise State

(Drop-In Activities)


    • Rapid Aerial LLC – Ages 5+
      What can you do with a drone? Combination of hands on and static drone display, showing the different uses of drones.
    • FIRST Idaho Robotics – All Ages
      FLL, FTC and FRC robotics programs. Demonstrations from local FIRST LEGO League, FIRST TECH Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition teams.
    • Federal Highway Administration – all ages but 14-15 preferred (new drivers)
      Seat Belt Demonstration
    • WTS TransportationYOU – All Ages
    • Idaho Lego Users Group – Ages 7-17
      Lego Tower Build challenge
    • Open Lab Idaho/V.E.R.N. – All Ages
      We’ll be demonstrating at least one 150 pound robot and have a hands on make and take activity promoting potential to kinetic energy.
    • STARBASE Idaho – Ages 5-18
      Molecular Modeling and Exploration

(Scheduled and Drop-In Activities)


    • MCMR Lobby
      Nuclear Engineering Club (Materials Science and Engineering) – All Ages
      Radiation demonstration (non-dangerous) using a small sample of Americium and a geiger counter.
    • MCMR 105
      Electrical and Computer Engineering – Ages 5+
      SnapCircuits and electrical demonstrations
    • MCMR 106
      The Discovery Center of Idaho – Ages 7-12
      All day: 5-10 minutes table
      Discover the art and math of paper folding with origami!
    • MCMR Lab 126
      Surface Science Lab (Boise State MSMSE) – All Ages
      Beyond the Looking Glass: Seeing at the Nanoscale
    • MCMR 199h and the 1st floor research wing hallway
      Quantum DNA Research Group (Boise State MSMSE) -Ages 8+
      3 Activities: (i) quantum information demo, including spinning coin, (ii) liquid nitrogen demo, including ping-pong ball, and (iii) laser demo, including laser game

MCMR, 2ND FLOOR (Scheduled and Drop-In Activities)

    • MCMR 205
      Boise State Chemistry Department – All Ages
      45-minute shows; 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm
      The Dr. Picklestein Science Quiz: Bring your brain as there will be an assortment of fun puzzles will be presented to the audience to solve. There will be some random explosions too.
    • MCMR 2nd floor labs and 200a conference room
      Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering – All Ages
      We will use the undergraduate lab to hold a “you are already a materials engineer” booth, with hands on demonstrations and experiences.

(Scheduled and Drop-In Activities)


    • RUCH 103
      MSMSE – Ages 9th-12th grade
      Entropy in materials
    • RUCH LAB 108
      Boise State Center for Materials Characterization – Ages 8+
      Bugs Under a Microscope! (Experience the power of electron microscopes by looking at bugs under extremely high magnifications)
    • RUCH 110
      National Weather Science – All Ages
      45 min sessions: 10:30am, 11:30am, 1pm, 2pm
      Meteorologists will discuss the science of extreme weather in the context of a “Weather Jeopardy” game. Two teams will compete to be the Weather Jeopardy Champions and various scientific weather demonstrations will be conducted during the course of the game. Weather safety information will be provided in a fun and interactive way.


    • RUCH 213/214 computer lab
      Health Wise – Ages 8+
      Introduction to Computer Programming with Scratch
    • RUCH 238 – computer lab
      Code Ninjas – Ages 8+
      Time TBD
      Teaching kids to code a retro arcade game using Microsoft MakeCode


    • RUCH 313
      Idaho Department of Environmental Quality – Ages 5-14
      45 min sessions: 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm
      Incredible, Edible Aquifer: Learn how ground water is stored in aquifers, how what we do can affect our groundwater and drinking water, and how good engineering helps keep our water clean.

(Drop-In Activity)

  • MEC 114
    Engineering and Innovation Living Learning Community (EIC) at BSU – Ages 5+
    Catapult Activity

(Drop-In Activities)

    • Engineering Innovation Studio – All Ages
      Learn about how things are made with 3D Printers, CNC Mill, Lathe, and MORE!
    • Civil Engineering – ASCE Student Chapter Timber Strong Delicate (Taylor’s Version) – All Ages
      When the Ground Moves: Come check out our large and small shake tables to understand how ground movement can affect structures. We will demonstrate liquefaction and seismic activity.
    • New Product Development Lab at TechHelp and Studio\Blu – Ages 5+
      A booth with 3D printers, marble track for students to build and test.
    • Civil Engineering Department – Environmental Engineering Club Filter Competition (Teardrops on My Guitar) – All Ages
      Filter It!: Learn the basics of water filtration and build your own water filter. Until we run out of materials.
    • Civil Engineering Steel Bridge Club – Ages 5+
      Steel Bridge Building: Come see the AISC 2023 competition winning steel bridge and try your lot at building a piece or two.
    • Civil Engineering Club – All ages
      Traffic Jam: Learn about transportation engineering by playing the game, Rush Hour. If you like puzzles, this is for you! All Ages, All Day
    • Civil Engineering Club – All ages
      Bowling with Concrete: Are you a fan of bowling and science? Come check out the concrete bowling ball team and try out a few concrete bowling ball models.
    • Civil Engineering Department – Ages 6+
      Turn Up the Pressure: Learn how we test materials for strength in civil engineering and see the largest Universal Testing Machine in Idaho. You can even make your own specimen to have tested by Boise State civil engineering students and faculty.

(Scheduled and Drop-In Activities)

    • ERB South Patio
      Boise State Geosciences – All Ages
      Every hour on the half hour: 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30
      Trash can volcanoes. This demonstration will be held OUTSIDE the ERB (south side of the building).
    • ERB South Patio
      Boise State Geosciences – All Ages
      Every hour on the hour: 10 am, 11 am, 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm
      Greenhouse Gas Tag.
    • ERB Patio
      Boise State Geosciences – All Ages
      Fossils and Ancient Earth (leader: Dan Luna). This will run continuously.
    • ERB Lobby
      Boise State Geosciences – All Ages
      CO2 and ocean acidification. This activity will run continuously, but there might be several breaks.
    • ERB Lobby
      Boise State Geosciences – All Ages
      Table-top volcanoes. This activity will run continuously, but there might be several breaks.
    • ERB Lobby
      Boise State Geosciences – All Ages

      You Are What You Eat: isotopic analysis (nitrogen and carbon) of fingernails

(Drop-In Activity)


    • MakerLab custom – All Ages
      Carpenter pencil carving workshop as well as MakerLab (3D printing) tours


  • Stein Luminary – ages 5+
    10 am-3 pm
    The Keith and Catherine Stein Luminary is an all-digital museum space that projects 47 million pixels at 10K lumens onto touch-activated screens. Interact with high-resolution content from the latest in 3-D imaging, infrared lens captures, and gesture responses. Come magnify your science, and touch the art!

Alternating every half hour starting at 10 am:

Space Telescope
Ephemeral Moves
BASH 3D! Protein Molecules vs. Art Technologies

  • Blue Galleries – ages 12+
    10 am-3 pm
    The Blue Galleries are an accessible artistic hub on the first floor of the Center for the Visual Arts that host contemporary visual art exhibitions and related programming to engage diverse audiences.
  • Alex Wiseman
    Invisible Family (Portraits): Smoke is a Prayer Transforming the Truth

    The Blue Galleries presents Invisible Family (Portraits): Smoke is a Prayer Transforming the Truth, a project described by artist Alex Wiseman as a weaving of time and space, of histories rendered invisible and of futures to be determined by the capacity of our hearts to reckon with them. The artist’s Chippewa (Ojibwa / Anishinaabeg) relatives have woven baskets for centuries; likewise, this work functions as a basket, embodying and containing reminders and artifacts that stitch together this question of our shared future.
  • Emily Somoskey
    All Encompassing
    The works in the exhibition utilize paint and collaged photographic imagery as a means to think through the larger questions, curiosities, and areas of subjectivity that make up our world. Somoskey’s work depicts the universe as a flexible space that is ever-expanding, collapsing, and colliding, along with our understanding of it. She brings familiar subjects such as swimming pools, bird nests and lawn chairs in conversation with overarching mechanisms that make up our world, such as galaxies, orbital pathways and physics diagrams.
  • 2024 Annual Student Juried Exhibition
    The Annual Student Juried Exhibition features work by thirty-four Boise State University students selected by this year’s juror, Emily Somosky, Assistant Professor of Art at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington.

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