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Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence at Boise State

I recently talked to the Boise State AI Club about opportunities at Boise State University at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. You can see the slides of the presentation.

One of the biggest questions I am *always* asked is “how can I get into DS/ML/AI?” To help synthesize the skills and concepts one needs to grasp, I created the chart below and split it into data/math/cs/python sections. Of course there is a lot of overlap between the sections and this is by no means complete. Also, the size of the boxes doesn’t represent effort; some concepts/skills require years of practice before one really masters them, but this at least helps you visualize what you need to know. Finally, a data scientist and ML engineer have a lot of overlap in their knowledge; the areas above the bars indicate where they often spend most of their day-to-day time.

Data Science Machine Learning

Also, we are offering a new Data Science Certificate:

    • CS 133 Foundations of Data Science
    • CS 233 Essentials of Data Science
    • CS 334 Algorithms of Machine Learning
    • CS 411 Databases for Data Scientists
Data Science Sequence



For reference, below is the above chart with the concepts/skills that are covered in the respective courses.

There are many other opportunities on campus for Data Science, for example the Data Science for the Liberal Arts certificate and minor, as well as the Data Science Emphasis for the PhD in Computing.