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2021 SLIM News and Successes

We’ve had a number of successes in the SLIM Group this year. First and foremost is Tahsin successfully defended his master’s thesis. Since graduating, he has been working full time at Kount.

We’ve also seen a number of papers be published at a number of  ICLR and ACL workshops.

I’d like to highlight two papers, one is a long workshop paper about the NLP course that I’ve taught at Boise State University. It outlines topics, some of the assignments, and I reflect on changes to content over the years to keep pace with the fast moving field of NLP.

Another paper is a result of a National Science Foundation workshop. A number of researchers met to talk about the state of the field of speech and robotics which resulted in a report, that was recently accepted for publication at the Computer Speech and Language Journal. The first three authors organized the workshop and did most of the writing of the article. In it, we give recommendations for research that I hope the community takes up.