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Classroom Observation

Classroom Visits

Faculty Liaisons conduct classroom visits to ensure that Boise State curriculum is followed, and to provide academic support to Concurrent Enrollment instructors. During observations, Faculty Liaisons can also make themselves available to present discipline-specific lectures directly to Concurrent Enrollment students. These visits should happen on an annual basis for new instructors, and every other year for returning instructors.

During the classroom visit, the Faculty Liaison will take the following steps to ensure that the concurrent enrollment course is aligned with University practices and expectations:

  • Observe the teaching methods used
  • Review the course syllabus
  • Review sample assessments
  • Review samples of graded assessments

Observation Documentation

Observations are documented by using a Classroom Observation Summary Form (pdf). This completed form is to be sent to the Concurrent Enrollment program as well as shared with the instructor, to provide them with feedback to continually improve the classroom experience for Concurrent Enrollment students. Faculty Liaisons will address any concerns identified via the classroom visits or course evaluations and, if necessary, proceed to implement the non-compliance policy. The non-compliance policy can be reviewed at this link.

Scheduling an Observation

Instructors must contact their Faculty Liaison to schedule the classroom observation visit. The Faculty Liaison should also request that the instructor provide a copy of the syllabus and a sampling of graded assessments at the classroom visit. Observations should be conducted no later than April of each school year. A stipend of $750 per instructor will be provided to the Faculty Liaison by the CEP.

NOTE: Faculty Liaisons must check in at the high school’s main office upon arrival at the school to get badge or name tag.

Classroom Observation Accreditation Standards

The processes and practices of conducting classroom observations of Concurrent Enrollment instructors at Boise State are aligned with the following NACEP Accreditation Standards:

    • Curriculum 3 (C3): Faculty Liaisons conduct site visits to observe course content and delivery, student discourse and rapport to ensure the courses offered through the concurrent enrollment program are equivalent to the courses offered on campus.
    • Curriculum 2 (C2): The college/university ensures the concurrent enrollment courses reflect the learning objectives, and the pedagogical, theoretical and philosophical orientation of the respective college/university discipline.
    • Assessment 1 (A1): The college/university ensures concurrent enrollment students’ proficiency of learning outcomes is measured using comparable grading standards and assessment methods to on campus sections.