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How to Drop a Concurrent Enrollment Course

To drop a concurrent enrollment course, please complete the Boise State concurrent enrollment drop/withdrawal form and submit to

Before the Drop Deadline

If the course is dropped prior to the term drop deadline, course fees will be refunded (if paid directly by the student) and there will be no impact on the student’s transcript. Additionally, there will be no impact on future Fast Forward funding.

After the Drop Deadline

For courses dropped AFTER the term drop deadline, students will not receive a refund and will have a withdrawal (W) recorded on their official Boise State transcript. Receiving a W on a transcript OR failing a course will affect future eligibility to receive state Fast Forward funding for dual credit courses. If a student fails to earn credit for any course or examination for which the department of education has paid a reimbursement, the student must pay for and successfully earn credit for one such course or examination before eligibility is reinstated.

Once grades are submitted, we are not able to process withdrawal requests.

If you should have any questions about the drop/withdrawal process or policy, please contact the Concurrent Enrollment office at (208) 426-3750.

See Important Dates and Deadlines for drop deadlines by term.