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Drop or withdraw from a Boise State Concurrent Enrollment course by submitting the drop/withdrawal form below.

Drop a Concurrent Enrollment Course

Dropping a Concurrent Enrollment Course Before the Drop Deadline

If a concurrent enrollment course is dropped prior to the term drop deadline, course fees will be refunded (if paid directly by the student) and there will be no impact on the student’s transcript. Additionally, there will be no impact on future Fast Forward funding.

Dropping a Concurrent Enrollment Course After the Drop Deadline

For concurrent enrollment courses dropped AFTER the term drop deadline, students will not receive a refund and will have a withdrawal (W) recorded on their official Boise State transcript. If a student receives a W or F on a transcript for any course that Fast Forward funding covered, future funding will be stopped until the student pays for and successfully earns credit for one like course.

Once grades are submitted, we are not able to process withdrawal requests.

See Important Dates and Deadlines for drop deadlines by term. If you have questions about the drop/withdrawal process or policy, please contact the Concurrent Enrollment office at (208) 426-3750 or

Concurrent Enrollment Course Drop/Withdrawal Request

This drop/withdrawal form is for high school students who are dropping or withdrawing from their concurrent enrollment course(s).

Student Information


Course Information

Reason for Dropping/Withdrawing(Required)

Form Submission

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Concurrent Enrollment Drop/Withdrawal Policy

I am dropping/withdrawing from the concurrent course(s) in which I am enrolled as indicated above which have not yet been graded. I understand that withdrawing from Boise State courses may adversely affect my college transcript and Fast Forward funding eligibility. I understand that if I drop/withdraw from a class, this action cannot be undone. If I am an instructor or parent/guardian, I have made sure my student is aware of and agrees to this drop/withdrawal policy.