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The Center for the Study of Aging is housed in the College of Health Sciences. One of the primary goals of the Center for the Study of Aging is to serve as a conduit between the university and community. By linking professionals engaged in practice with faculty and students, the Center synergizes the growth and progress of interdisciplinary research and service to help people of all ages lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. See Center History for highlights of Center accomplishments since its inception.

Gerontology Minor

A Gerontology minor prepares you to work with the elderly and learn about health and wellness across the lifespan

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Other Areas of Focus

In addition to Education and Training, the Center focuses on the following:

Policy Development

Generate data to inform public and private sector responses to population aging and to promote strategies that help everybody age well.


Contribute to needs assessments, program development, and evaluations of aging services and aging-related initiatives.

Community Partnership

Provide technical assistance and partnerships with service providers, government agencies, and community organizations on projects that advance their missions.