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Boise State University Partners with Mars Suite to Address Emerging Cyber Threats, Demand for Cyber Talent

BOISE, Idaho – Boise State University’s Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity is partnering with cybersecurity platform provider MARS Suite Corporation to collaborate, create and deliver secure network solutions for rural communities, using the MARS Suite platform in conjunction with other networking and cyber security solutions. In the first year, the program is expected to support up to 10 rural communities, such as school districts, city or country offices and leverage MARS Suite to scan and monitor thousands of devices.

“This is a great opportunity for MARS Suite and Boise State University to collaborate on specific local and regional cyber defense initiatives, and for Boise State University students and faculty to assist MARS Suite with platform integrations, enhancements and other research efforts,” said Edward Vasko, director of the Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity. “This partnership will bring advanced, next-generation cyber security capabilities to rural organizations that would not otherwise be able to implement or afford cyber security services.”

The Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity’s Cyberdome program combines competency-development experience for Idaho students while providing critical cybersecurity services to rural communities throughout Idaho. Cyberdome students complete a six-month internship by providing cybersecurity services to rural partners across Idaho.

“Our intent is to partner with Boise State University to increase awareness of their cybersecurity program, MARS Suite’s cyber defense solutions, and to provide Boise State “Cyberdome” participants opportunities to teach, test and document the advantages and disadvantages of the MARS Suite platform when compared to other cyber security solutions,” said Mark Dallmeier, president of MARS Suite Corporation. 

Under the partnership, Boise State University’s Cyberdome program plans to deploy the MARS Suite platform for students to use in a real-life environment, allowing them to gain critically needed hands-on experience. 

“The MARS Suite platform was built to deliver continuous vulnerability and threat scanning, threat detection, alerting, and response, along with incident and risk management capabilities to small and medium-sized organizations,” said Dallmeier. “This partnership with Boise State University demonstrates our commitment to the region and nation, as we continue to defend and protect our critical infrastructure, supply chains, and citizens from cyber criminals and enemies of the United States.”

Both organizations expect the partnership to create experienced and skilled employees that can enter the Boise workforce and make an immediate impact on local organizations.