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Data Science for Liberal Arts Certificate

This certificate teaches data science skills while minimizing prerequisite math and computer science courses. DATA-LA 322 and DATA-LA 485 are taught in programming language, R. College Algebra (MATH 143) is a prerequisite for CS 133. For students seeking to pursue graduate studies in Data Science, MATH 301 Linear Algebra is required.


Data Science for Liberal Arts CertificateCredits
CS 133 Foundations of Data Science3
Choose 1 Introductory Statistics course* (e.g., BUSSTAT 207, BUSSTAT 208, CJ 426, MATH 153, MATH 254, MATH 360, MATH 361, POLS 298, PSYCH 295, SOC 310)3
DATA-LA 322: Principles of Data Science3
DATA-LA 485: Statistical Modeling in R3

*Contact for other courses that may apply.